Kyoto Transdisciplinary Transnational Forum 2018
“Circle of Emptiness and Wholeness”

Period: June 3 (Sunday) 13:30-18:30
Venue: Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
Panasonic Hall, KyotoUniversity



Despite the advancement of science and technology, we are facing with so many difficulties such as education, energies, economies and even humanities. By focusing on “external” agents, we have tried to solve serious problems, although such intensive efforts have not been successful very well. The reason for this is that the central issue of our time across all system levels emerges from our “internal” conditions as well, but not only from “external” agents. It is now time to deal with both oppositions at the same location on the Earth and at the same time of the History. The present Kyoto Transdisciplinary & Transnational Forum 2018 on “Circle of Nothingness and Wholeness” would provide us with deep insights into the Advanced Future Studies, for it could deal with both “external” agents and “internal” conditions simultaneously on the basic transcendental frameworks. It is our hope to develop new perspectives and new actions toward our future through stimulating discussions beyond different disciplines.

     Part I :  Kojiki and Universe    
13:00-14:30 in Japanese


Directed by
Kitaro (Musician) and Kazunari Shibata (Kyoto University, Astrophysics)

Opening Remarks

Sinya Aoki
(Director, YukawaInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)

Panel Discussions

Kazunari Shibata(Kyoto University, Astrophysics)
Tadashi Nishihira(Kyoto University, Education)
Sinya Aoki (Kyoto University, ParticlePhysics)
Masatoshi Murase (Kyoto University, AdvancedFuture Studies)

15 min. Break

     Part II: Nothing and Existence     
14:45-16:15 in Japanese

Round-Table Talk
“Challenging Uncertainty for Evolving Humans”

Juichi Yamagiwa
(President,Kyoto University)

Kiyoshi Kurokawa
(ProfessorEmeritus, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies/ The University of Tokyo)


Directed by
Stomu Yamash'ta(Musician)

Panel Discussions

Tadashi Yagi (Doshisha University, Economics)
Kazuyoshi Yoshimura (Kyoto University, Chemistry)
Kenichi Abe (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan)

15 min. Break

     Part III: Nature and Spirituality     
16:30-18:30 in Japanese

Panel Discussions

Speakers and Panelists
Stephen Hill (University of Wollongong, Australia)
Hirotaka Watanabe (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Marc T. J. Johnson (University of Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Niles (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan)



Naohide Tomita (Kyoto University)
Takayuki Ohgushi (Kyoto University)
Eiichi Yamaguchi (Kyoto University)
Masatoshi Murase (Kyoto University)


The International Research Unit of Advanced Future Studies
Life Risk Research Center, Doshisha University
The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

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